WORLD KLEMS Conferences

The Fourth World KLEMS Conference Madrid, Spain, May 23-24, 2016.

The 4th World KLEMS Conference has brought together more than 80 researchers from 5 continents interested in the analysis of the sources of growth. The objective of the Conference is to discuss recent progress in the development and applications of KLEMS data sets. These data are widely used in research on economic growth and structural change and in international comparisons based on purchasing power parities. The meeting took place at the Madrid offices of the BBVA Foundation, which are located in the central part of the city.


First Day, Monday, May 23:
8:45 a.m. Registration, BBVA Foundation, Madrid, Spain.
9:30 a.m. ICT Chair: Bart van Ark
Carol Corrado ICT Prices and ICT Services: What Do They Tell Us about Productivity and Technology? (with David Byrne) Slides
Kyoji Fukao The Structural Causes of Japan's Lost Decades Slides
Chi-Yuan Liang Total Factor Productivity Changes in the ICT Industry: An International Comparison among the U.S., Japan, Korea and Taiwan during 1981 to 2010 (with Ruei-He Jheng) Slides
Matilde Mas Looking for a Virtuous Pattern of Growth: Some Insights for the Discussion (with Eva Benages) Slides
11:00 a.m. Coffee break
11:30 a.m. Simultaneous Sessions
Session One: Europe Chair: Javier Quesada
Dariusz Kotlewski KLEMS productivity accounts for the Polish economy (with Mirosław Błażej) Slides
Isabelle Remond-Tiedrez Development of a Quality-Adjusted Labor Productivity Index in the European Union (with Jose M. Rueda-Cantuche, Antonio Amores Hernandez, Marian Mraz, Pedro Martins-Ferreira, and Juan M. Valderas Jaramillo) Slides
Antonio Amores Hernandez Methodology for the Estimation of Capital Productivity Indicators in the European Union (with Jose M. Rueda-Cantuche, Isabelle Remond-Tiedrez, and Letizia Montinari) Slides
Ilya Voskoboynikov Russia since 1995: Natural Gas, Catching Up, and Informality Slides
Belen Zinni Productivity Developments in Europe and the OECD Slides
Session Two: Asia KLEMS Chair: K. L. Krishna
Hyunbae Chun and Tsutomu Miyagawa Declining Rate of Return on Capital and the Role of Intangibles in Japan and Korea. (with Hak Kil Pyo, Miho Takizawa, and Konomi Tonogi) Slides
Kyoji Fukao Measurement of Deflators and Real Value Added in the Service Sector. (with Taesuke Kameda, Koto Nakamura, Ryuich Namba, Masahiro Sato, and Shigeru Sugihara) Slides
B. N. Goldar and Suresh Agarwal Productivity Growth and Levels: A comparison of Formal and Informal Manufacturing in India (with Deb Kusum Das, Abdul Azeez Erumban, and Pilu Chandra Das) Slides
Katherine Keenan Experimental Estimates of Industry Level KLEMS Multifactor Productivity, 2015 Slides
Deb Kusum Das and Harry Wu How do Asian Giants China and India Compare towards Industry-Level Productivity? (with K. L. Krishna, and Abdul Azeez Erumban) Slides
1:00 p.m. Lunch
2.00 p.m. Simultaneous Sessions
Session Three: LA KLEMS Chair: Matilde Mas
Eduardo Fernandez-Arias The Productivity Gap in Latin America: Lessons from Fifty Years of Development Slides
Francisco Guillen Determinants of Productivity Growth for the Mexican Economy (with Pilar Garcia, Jesus Togno, Oscar Venzor, Alfredo Henestrosa, and Christian Avila) Slides
Andre Hofman Potential Growth in Latin America. (with Claudio Aravena) Slides
Ariel Coremberg This Was Not Argentina's Growth and Productivity Decade (with Marisa Wierny) Slides
Session Four: Human Capital Chair: Andrew Sharpe
Michael S. Christian Net Investment and Stocks of Human Capital in the United States, 1975-2013 Slides
Barbara M. Fraumeni Progress in Measuring Human Capital Around the World Slides
Gang Liu A Stylized Satellite Account for Human Capital Slides
Lea Samek The Impact of Health on Human Capital Stocks (with Mary O'Mahony) Slides
3:30 p.m. Coffee Break
4.00 p.m. Simultaneous Sessions
Session Five: US KLEMS Chair: Brian Moyer
Erich H. Strassner Extended Supply-Use Tables in Basic Prices with Firm Heterogeneity: A Proof of Concept for the United States (with James J. Fetzer, Thomas F. Howells III, Lin Z. Jones, and Zhi Wang) Slides
Jon D. Samuels Associates Degrees, the Quality of the U.S. Workforce, and the Sources of U.S. Economic Growth (with Ross Gittell and Edinaldo Tebaldi) Slides
David B. Wasshausen Integrating GDP by Industry with Interindustry Accounts for the United States (with Thomas F. Howells III, Amanda S. Lyndaker, and Erich H. Strassner) Slides
Mun S. Ho Education, Participation, and the Revival of U.S. Economic Growth (with Dale W. Jorgenson and Jon D. Samuels) Slides
Session Six: Intangible Capital Chair: Susanto Basu
Wen Chen Cross-Country Income Differences Revisited: Accounting for the Role of Intangible Capital Slides
Cecilia Jona-Lasinio Sources of Country-Sector Productivity Growth: Total Factor Productivity and Intangible Capital in the EU15 and the U.S. Slides
Mary O’Mahony Measuring Educational Services and Social Infrastructure (Carol Corrado and Lea Samek) Slides
Juan Fernandez de Guevara Intangible Assets and Spanish Economic Growth (with Matilde Mas) Slides
5:30 p.m. End of day one
7:00 p.m. Meet for Walking Tour of Madrid
8:30 p.m. Conference Dinner
Second Day: Tuesday, May 24:
9:30 a.m. Simultaneous Sessions
Session Seven: Global Value Chains Chair: Ivo Havingha
Gaaitzen de Vries Skills and Activity Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Trends and Drivers for Asia (with Quanrun Chen, Rana Hasan, and Zhigang Li) Slides
Abdul A. Erumban Global Growth Accounting: The Role of Shifting Investment Patterns (with Robert Inklaar and Klaas de Vries) Slides
Marta Solaz Value Added and Participation in Global Value Chains: The Case of Spain Slides
Marcel P. Timmer Peak Trade? An Anatomy of the recent Global Trade Slowdown (with Bart Los, Robert Stehrer, and Gaaitzen de Vries) Slides
Session Eight: Measurement Chair: Robin Sickles
Alicia M. Rambaldi Vanishing Procyclicality of Productivity? Industry Evidence (with Antonio Peyrache) Slides
Bert M. Balk On Measuring Regional or Global Growth and Inflation (with D.W. Prasada Rao and Alicia M. Rambaldi) Slides
Hak K. Pyo Labor Productivity and a Test of Kaldor-Verdoorn's Law Using the World KLEMS Dataset Slides
Christina Wang Total Factor Productivity Has Become Much Less Correlated with Output as well as Inputs since the 1980s Slides
11:00 a.m. Coffee Break
11:00 a.m. Plenary Session
Final Plenary Session: Future Challenges Chair: Dale Jorgenson
Francisco Perez Measuring Progress in the Spanish Economy: A World KLEMS-IVIE Approach Slides
Bart van Ark The Future Development of EU KLEMS Slides
Paul Schreyer An OECD Agenda on Issues in Productivity Measurement Slides
Marcel P. Timmer Global Value Chain Research Going Forward Slides
1:00 p.m. Lunch

Open Session: Europe's Performance and Trends of the World Economy

5:00 p.m. Presentation
Opening Remarks Francisco Perez (chair)
5:15 p.m. Keynote Speech
The World Economy: Performance and Outlook" Dale Jorgenson
Keynote Speech
Spanish Economy: How to Improve Productivity in the Current Environment Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo
6:15 p.m. Round Table: The Future of Europe from an International Perspective
Panel List Speakers
Matilde Mas The EU Productivity Gap
Angel Melguizo Latin American Economic Outlook: Overcoming the Middle Income Trap
Bart van Ark Are Emerging Economies Still Emerging?
Kyoji Fukao China's Slowdown and the Expected Impact on Japan's Economy: An Analysis Based on the World Input‐Output Database (WIOD)
Marcel P. Timmer European Competitiveness in Value Chains
7:30 p.m. Discussion Chair: Javier Quesada
8:00 p.m. Closing