On this page various sources of KLEMS-type databases and projects can be found. We distinguish three types of data:

Analytical Datasets

In this section analytical KLEMS-type data sets are hosted for a broad set of countries around the world. Data on output, inputs and productivity is available at the industry-level. The data in these databases is structured and built up in the same way as the data in the EU KLEMS database to increase comparability across a larger set of countries. This harmonisation process includes input definitions, price concepts, aggregation procedures and comparable measures of inputs and productivity. Each dataset has been prepared by a dedicated research group of the WORLD KLEMS consortium. More information on the consortium partner and the construction of each dataset can be found in the source descriptions or on the website of the respective partner.

United States
March 2017 Release
Basic file Paper Partner
April 2013 Release
Basic file Labour file Paper Additional Note Sources and Methods Partner
November 2010 Release
Basic file Additional File Sources and Notes Partner

BEA/BLS MPF Estimates, series starting in 1998, continuous updates
Japan, Released May 2013
Basic Output File Capital Input File Sources and Methods Partner: RIETI
Canada, Released July 2012
The Canadian productivity data is only available on this website.
Basic file Labour file Capital file Quality Note Sources and Methods Partner: Statistics Canada
March 2017 Release
Basic Output File Sources and Methods Partners: GGDC | HSE
July 2013 Release
Basic Output File Sources and Methods Partners: GGDC | HSE
EU KLEMS countries
Data for all EU KLEMS countries is available on the EU KLEMS website.
China, Released July 2015
Data from the China Industrial Productivity Database 2015 (CIP Database Round 3.0) can be downloaded from the website of the Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry, IAA (RIETI).
Korea, Released 2014
The Korean data can also be downloaded from the Asia KLEMS website.
Output and Labour file Capital file Sources Partner: Korea Productivity Center
India KLEMS, Released December 2016
The Reserve Bank of India has published productivity data on their website.
Data File Report
Argentina, Released December 2012
ARKLEMS has provided total economy MFP estimates for 1990-2010 for Argentina. The data and methodology have been published on their website.

Regional Networks and Projects

This section lists the research projects and institutes currently involved in constructing analytical KLEMS-type databases for the purpose of productivity research, in different countries and regions of the world. These projects are at various stages of completion. Data, insofar available, is hosted on the websites of the respective project or institute.

EU KLEMS Releases in the ISIC Revision 3 industry classification
The EU KLEMS database offers several releases in the the ISIC Rev. 3 industry classification for 27 European countries, as well as a number non-European countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the United States. These releases differ in their period and variable coverage. Aggregates of geographical regions are available as well. The March 2008 release presents the broadest available set of variables, including Gross Output growth decompositions, for the period 1970-2005. The latest available release in the ISIC Rev. 3 classification is the November 2009 release, updated in March 2011 (09ii). This release presents data for the period 1970-2007 and includes data for a list of 72 industries.
Rolling Updates in the ISIC Revision 4 industry classification
The 2012 EU KLEMS release follows up from the previous release in 2009 which showed detailed growth accounts up to 2007. This new release is similar in concepts and methodologies to calculate the various growth and productivity variables as its predecessors, but it also has a number of new features; such as the implementation of a new industry classification (ISIC Rev. 4), and harmonization with the industry data in the OECD STructural Analysis Database. Updates are done on a rolling, country by country basis, dependent on data availabillity and resource constraints.
Asia KLEMS, Under Construction
Data for Korea, Japan and Taiwan can be found on the Asia KLEMS website.
Click here for the agenda of the last ASIA KLEMS meeting.
Latin America KLEMS
The LA-KLEMS project is the portal to Latin America and the Caribbean for information on economic growth, productivity, job creation, capital formation and technological change. The project generates statistics and other essential information as inputs to evaluate goals related to productivity and economic growth potential and to develop productive development policies.

Statistical KLEMS databases published by NSIs

This section lists official statistical KLEMS-type databases, published by National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). These institutes have published their own official estimates of Multi Factor Productivity (MFP) as well as related variables, as part of their National Accounts. Construction methods may deviate fromt the standard methodology employed in the published WORLD KLEMS data.

United States
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), together with the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), have released industry MFP estimates for 1998-2014 for the United States in the NAICS industry classification. Website
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released industry MFP estimates for 1995-2013 for Australia. Website
Statistics Sweden provides estimates of multi factor producitivity (MFP), as well as additional variables, for the period 1993-2012. Website
Statistics Finland publishes data on productivity developments for the period 1976-2012. Website
Statistics Denmark publishes data on productivity developments for the period 1967-2010. Website
ISTAT publishes measures of productivity. Website
United Kingdom
The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes estimates of productivity and related variables for the period 1970-2009. Website
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) publishes estimates of MFP in their growth accounts for the period 1995-2011. Website
The Mexican National Statistical Office (INEGI) has published a productivity report for 1990-2011. Currently this information is available in Spanish only. Website