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July 2012 Release STATCAN
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Labour file Sources and Methods
Capital file
The Canadian productivity data is only available on this website.
Capital data is in thousands of Canadian Dollars


References to KLEMS Datasets

EU KLEMS countries

Data for all EU KLEMS countries is available on the EU KLEMS website.


July 2015 Release

Data from the China Industrial Productivity Database 2015 (CIP Database Round 3.0) can be downloaded from the website of the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, IAA (RIETI).


2014 Release

The Korean data can be downloaded from the Asia KLEMS website.


December 2012 Release

ARKLEMS has provided total economy MFP estimates for 1990-2010 for Argentina. The data and methodology have been published on their website.


Multiple Releases

The major objective of the Russia KLEMS Group is to update and extend the Russia KLEMS database, which has been supported by HSE University since 2007 as a participant of the World KLEMS initiative.