Intangible Assets conference, Luiss Lab of European Economics, May 2024

From May 6-7 2024, the Luiss Lab of European Economics (who have produced the latest update of the EUKLEMS-IntanProd database) will hold a conference on intangible assets, innovation and economic growth in Rome (Italy). The conference, which will be held in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), will have a special focus on intangibles measurements for emerging economies as well as quarterly measures for intangibles. For further information please reach out to Cecilia Lasinio.

Special sessions dedicated to EU KLEMS, May 2024

In May 2024, there will be two conferences in Europe with special sessions being dedicated to EUKLEMS:

8th WorldKLEMS conference in Tokyo, March 2025

On March 27-28 2025, the 8th World KLEMS conference will be held in Tokyo. It will be organised by Tsutomu Miyagawa, Tomohiko Inui and Miho Takizawa (all at Gakushuin University). The conference will also be supported by Hitotsubashi University RIETI. A call for papers for this conference will follow soon. The World KLEMS conference will also be combined with a special conference on “Ageing and Economic Measurement” by the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth on March 24-25 in Tokyo (and a day excursion in between both events). Both conferences will be held at the International House of Japan in Tokyo. The website with more information on this event is now online.

7th AsiaKLEMS, 2026

The 7th Asia KLEMS conference will be held in 2026. A definitive date and place has yet to be determined, and you will be kept informed. Further information on this event will be posted on this website.