Analytical Datasets

In this section links are provided to analytical KLEMS-type data sets for a broad set of countries around the world. Data on output, inputs and productivity is available at the industry-level. The data in these databases is structured and harmonised in terms of methodologies, making them broadly comparable across countries. This harmonisation process includes input definitions, price concepts, aggregation procedures and comparable measures of inputs and productivity. Each dataset has been prepared by a dedicated research group of the WORLD KLEMS consortium. More information on the consortium partner and the construction of each dataset can be found in the source descriptions or on the website of the respective partner.

Regional Networks and Projects

This section lists the research projects and institutes currently involved in constructing analytical KLEMS-type databases for the purpose of productivity research, in different countries and regions of the world. These projects are at various stages of completion.

Statistical KLEMS databases published by NSIs

This section lists official statistical KLEMS-type databases, published by National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). These institutes have published their own official estimates of Multi Factor Productivity (MFP) as well as related variables, as part of their National Accounts. Construction methods may deviate from the standard methodology employed in the analytical datasets.