EU KLEMS Releases in the ISIC Revision 3 industry classification
The EU KLEMS database offers several releases in the the ISIC Rev. 3 industry classification for 27 European countries, as well as a number non-European countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the United States. These releases differ in their period and variable coverage. Aggregates of geographical regions are available as well. The March 2008 release presents the broadest available set of variables, including Gross Output growth decompositions, for the period 1970-2005. The latest available release in the ISIC Rev. 3 classification is the November 2009 release, updated in March 2011 (09ii). This release presents data for the period 1970-2007 and includes data for a list of 72 industries.
Rolling Updates in the ISIC Revision 4 industry classification
The 2012 EU KLEMS release follows up from the previous release in 2009 which showed detailed growth accounts up to 2007. This new release is similar in concepts and methodologies to calculate the various growth and productivity variables as its predecessors, but it also has a number of new features; such as the implementation of a new industry classification (ISIC Rev. 4), and harmonization with the industry data in the OECD STructural Analysis Database. Updates are done on a rolling, country by country basis, dependent on data availabillity and resource constraints.
Asia KLEMS, Under Construction
Data for Korea, Japan and Taiwan can be found on the Asia KLEMS website.
Click here for the agenda of the last ASIA KLEMS meeting.
Latin America KLEMS
The LA-KLEMS project is the portal to Latin America and the Caribbean for information on economic growth, productivity, job creation, capital formation and technological change. The project generates statistics and other essential information as inputs to evaluate goals related to productivity and economic growth potential and to develop productive development policies.